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About Malappuram

A treasure trove of natural beauty, Malappuram is virtually an emerald suspended from the verdant Nilgiris. An exotic ecological niche, it nestles between the sparkling diamonte sea and the blue green Nilgiri heights.

The district is rich in forest cover which extends in area of about 760 square kilometers. Of this wide expanse about half which is 325 square kilometers belongs to the reserved forest category while the remaining 434 square kilometers comes under the vested forests territory. In fact, Malappuram gets its name from the combination of the two words ‘mala’ or hill and ‘puram’ or top signifying that its location is at the top of a hill. Malappuram is situated atop a terraced hill that provides a vantage point for the city dwellers.

About Malappuram

Brief History of Malappuram

Since centuries past Malappuram was the prime centre for Hindu Vedic teachings as well as Islamic philosophy learning.

Historically, Malappuram has always been a barricade against several military onslaughts. It has been the seat of several revolts of the Mappile against various foreign and local forces with the ones against the British being the most virulent and memorable ones. Another historical highpoint is that Malappuram is the cradle of several of the traditional art forms that have been manifested in a number of the heritage folk arts of the region.

This is also the birthplace of a number of learned scholars who have worked in the fields of the arts and literature as well as several renowned mathematicians.

The father of the Malayalam language, Thunjathu Ramaniyan Ezhuthachan had lived in Malappuram. Several eminent personalities like Achutha Pisharodi, Moyin Kutty Vaidyar, Melpthur Narayana Bhattuthiri, Pulikkottil Hyder Madhavanar, Nanthanar and Chakkiri Moideen Kutty besides others were born there.

Geography of Malappuram

As it is located close to the sea and is situated on a hill top - but not at a very great height - Malappuram enjoys best of weathers and climates. It is an ideal tourist place with its sandy surf edged with palms swaying along the coast, rivers, streams and brooks sparkling across the rich green forest floor through ravines and across verdant hills and valleys. Four main rivers network through the Malappuram district. These are the Chaliyar, Kada Lundippuzha, Tirurpuzha and Bharathapuzha.

The climate is balmy, pleasant and breezy with a touch of humidity in the air. It is comfortable all the year round except during the two months of the monsoon in July and August.

Tourism in Malappuram

There is much to see and savor around Malappuram. While Malappuram itself is situated about thirty kilometers from the Tirur railway station, Malappuram, the one-time headquarters of the militant Zamorins has much to offer sightseers.

Pommani is a nearby port that is the sentinel of a rich heritage. It is located about twenty kilometers from the Kuttipuram junction of the railways. Padinjarekhara beach overlooks the coming together of the three water bodies of the Tirur Puzha, the Bharathapuzha and the Arabian Sea.

The Huma Ath Mosque is the largest among about fifty mosques present in the area and is visited by many.

The Trikavu Durga Temple is famous for its resplendent Navrathri celebrations while the Mookuthala Bhagrathi Temple is another one of the famous Durga temples. It is located about a hundred kilometers towards the south-East of Ponnani. It is said that the Shankaracharya had established the temple. The temple has an annual festival during November and December or Vrischikam and is called the Karthika Mahotsav. Another exciting place is the boat race conducted at Biyyam Kayal backwaters. This is an annual event held during Onam.

A major Muslim pilgrimage which has been celebrated as the ‘Mecca of the East’ is the Ponnani Juma Masjid. The annual festival called the Nercha is celebrated during March and April every year for four days. The mosque was built for the Sufi Saint Malik Ibn Dinar as he had been the first preacher of Islam to Kerala.

Shopping in Malappuram

Shopping in Malappuram

There are several quaint markets and shops and roadside kiosks that sell some of the most amazing decorative items, handicrafts and items of functional utility. These wonderful purchases also include fragrant spices like peppercorns, cinnamon and various herbs and aromatic plants that are the wealth of the forests around Malappuram.

Food in Malappuram

The Mappila cuisine is a taste bud-enticing experience. It is a blend of succulent vegetables and meats along with the most flavorful of spices. It is a foodie's delight. Fishes and coconuts form a staple part of all dishes of Mappila origin.

How to Reach Malappuram

Malappuram is connected by road, rail air and water. Located on the National Highway number two hundred and thirteen on the Calicut and Chennai circuit, it lies two kilometers to the south-west of the Manjeri township and is connected by the Chennai-Mangalore as well as the Shormur and Nilambar railway lines. The nearest airport is located at Karipur just twenty six kilometers from Kozhikode.

Quick Facts about Malappuram

Government in Malappuram: Mayor
Area: 3550 sq km
Elevation – 477 – 2340 m above sea level
Population as per the 2011 census: 41, 10,956
Density: 1022/ km sq
Time Zone – IST
Postal Index Number – 676505
STD code – 0483
Official languages: Malayalam, English, Hindi, Urdu

Malappuram Important Links

Malappuram is one of the busy and important tourist and economic hub of Kerala state in India. It has several government educational institutes, offices, departments, etc that serve the people of entire Malappuram district. The dedicated websites of such departments make it convenient for these departments to disseminate any particular type of information to large population within speculated time. They are at the access of every one in Malappuram. Hence, any information uploaded on these websites covers the large area and cost of spreading such information is also very less.

List of Important links of Malappuram

Malappuram Police
Website: www.malappurampolice.com

Malappuram Administration
Website: www.malappuram.net/general-administration.htm

Malappuram Tourism
Website: www.malappuramtourism.org

Malappuram Places of Tourism Attractions
Website: malappuram.nic.in/tour-attractions.html

Malappuram Municipality
Website: www.malappurammunicipality.in

Malappuram Popular Festivals
Website: www.malappuram.net/fairs-and-festivals.htm

Malappuram official site
Website: malappuram.nic.in

Government College Malappuram
Website: www.gcmalappuram.ac.in

Important Government Telephone Numbers and Names in Malappuram
Website: malappuram.nic.in/phone.html

Malappuram Passport Office
Website: https://passport.gov.in/malappuram.html

District Co-operative Hospital Malappuram
Website: https://www.mdchospital.com/

Korambayil Hospital in Malappuram
Website: www.korambayilhospital.com

Air Ambulance Services in Malappuram
Website: https://www.airambulance.co.in/air_ambulance_in_malappuram.php

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