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Triprangode Siva Temple in Malappuram

Triprangode Siva Temple is one of the most ancient Hindu temples, the mention of which has also been made in the ‘Uddanta Sanstrikal’ which has been dated to as far back as the fifteenth century. Another reliable evidence of its antiquity is the fact that the tenth century Chera ruler called Goda Ravi Verma had ordered certain inscriptions which can be seen in the temple.

Triprangode Siva Temple in Malappuram

Triprangode Siva Temple History

Legend has it that long time ago there was a couple called Mrikanda and Marudaati who were most distrait as they could not have a child. They decided to pursue severe austerites and propitiate the great and generous Lord Shiva for his blessings and boon to have a child. Pleased with their sincere devotion Lord Shiva chose to offer the couple the choice of a boon. The choice was that they could either have a simpleton of a son who would live long or an exceptionally brilliant son who would, however, have a short life span. The couple prayed to Lord Shiva for the latter and said that they would be grateful for a brilliant son who would be their pride and joy. Thus was born Markandiya.

True to the boon he developed remarkable intellectual faculties and within a few years became learned enough to become the youngest yogi on Earth, he was soon to be renowned all over the region. His one remarkable achievement was the mastery he had attained over the Mahamritunjaya Jaap or Maha mantram. As the days passed and he neared the age of sixteen, when he had been destined to die, he saw his parents bemoaning and being unceasingly sorrowful. Then one day he asked them the reason for their grief. When he learnt about his impending death he was into galvanized action. He raced all the way to Maha Vishnu who is recognized as the preserver of life. After propitiating Lord Shiva he discovered that he would have to approach Lord Shiva or Lord Triprangottappan.

On hearing this, young Markandaya ran to the Triprangode Siva Temple where he sat and the God of death followed him to the temple and. In an attempt to take his soul Lord Yama, the God of death flung his lasso around him and encircled the boy yogi as he clunged onto the Shivalingam. The rope for pulling in souls also tends to encircle the Lingam and this enraged Lord Shiva who is beyond life and death and is, in fact, the destroyer Himself. He erupted from the Shivalingam in live fiery incarnation, which till date is called the ‘Kaalakalayi’ or the ‘bringer of death to death itself’. He reduced Lord Yama to ashes and saved the sixteen-year-old yogi blessing him with eternal life.

The gods approached Lord Shiva to cool him down and begged him to reinstate Lord Yama in his rightful place. They said this step was necessary because he was the only one who could balance the Earth and could exercise over its fast propagating and long-living population.

Story of the Holy Site at Malappuram

Belief has it that the presiding deity here is the most powerful and the strong faith of the people is that all boons pertaining to life and longevity can be granted here.

Offerings at Triprangode Siva Temple in Malappuram

There are a number of specific rituals that are conducted at the Triprangode Temple which need to be conducted singularly and in series at different times and during various seasons.

All the preparation like washing the shivalingam with all kind of materials ranging from water, milk, curd and honey to even cooked offering and ingredients are done.

How to Reach Triprangode Siva Temple

The nearest airport is at Kozhikode which is at a distance of about twenty five kilometers.

Traveling by rail the Triprangode is located just about five kilometer towards the west of the Tirunavaya railway station and it is also approximately by travelling ten kilometer to the south of the railway station of Tirur.

By road one can travel by bus from the Tirur bus stand which is just about five kilometers from Thirur.

Sree Triprangode Lord Siva Temple Address: Triprangode (PO), Tirur, Malappuram (DT), Kerala, India - 676108
Contact no. +91- 494- 2566046
Email id:

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