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Public Utility Services in Malappuram

Utility services in MalappuramThe tremendous development in Malapuram has made it a self-sustaining place. The increase in the rate of the population in the city as well as the tourist activities has led to the need of proper utilities and services in Malappuram.

Municipality of Malappuram

Though plans are being made for the Municipality of Malappuram to become a Municipal Corporation, it is still a municipality for the time being. The main services of this Municipality are to provide the birth, death and marriage certificates to the people when they require. The development of their region, public health, public welfare, public safety etc are some of the few duties of the Municipality of Malappuram.

Address: National Highway 213, Malappuram, Kerala 676519.
Ph. No.: 0483 273 4228

Birth and Death Certificates

Birth and death certificates are issued by the Malappuram Municipality. The first thing to do when someone is born or someone passes away, is to register their name with the Municipality in Malappuram. A certificate will be issued after a few verifications for the same. What the Government in Kerala has come up with is that after such an incident is registered with the Local Government, it is put up in a digital register, from where anyone can get the details online, if they so require. Such software used for this purpose is the SEVANA. Any changes required in the details of birth or death needs to be first taken up with the Registrar of the respective local government handling that type of work, like the Registrar for Birth/Death Certificates of the Municipality of Malappuram for this case. One can also register by filling an online form on the website given below.


Mobile Mortuary Services

These services are hard to find in Malappuram. A Mobile Mortuary is basically a van which has the facilities to take a dead body from one place to the cremation ground. Other facilities in the van may include a freezer box. The Moulana Hospital in Malappuram offers the Mobile Mortuary Service in Malappuram.

Marriage Certificates and Bureaus

Marriage certificates are also issued by the Municipality of Malappuram; and like the birth and death certificates it can also be registered online on the website given above. Only a few verifications will be required along with the proof of marriage and some photographs. Some of the marriage bureaus for all castes in Malappuram are Way to Nikah, Malayogam Computerized Marriage Bureau, Kerala, MylanchyMatrimonials, Malabar Wedding Center and the New Malabar Marriage Information Center. The New Malabar Marriage Information Center is a chain and is spread across different areas in Malappuram like Tirur, Perintalmanna, Nilambur, Moonampadi and Malappuram Ho.

Ration Card Service

The ration card in Malappuram is provided by the Civil Supplies Department. Its duty is not only to provide the ration cards, but also to control the rationing, marketing the essential commodities, handling consumer affairs, readdress the consumer dispute, etc. The total number of ration cards issued in Malappuram by the Civil Supplies Department is 8213467.

Driving in Malappuram

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) issues the driving licenses to people in Malappuram. After the forms are duly filled and approved by the RTO, a test is conducted for the people applying for the license. But this system of work has been modernized and a “10-minute fast track system” has been introduced, where all the applications are cleared within 10 minutes. Applications for the renewal of driving license, reissue of driving license, duplication of driving license etc. are all done here at the RTO.

Driving Classes are given by many private companies in Malappuram. They are experienced drivers who teach people how to drive. Some of the Driving classes and driving schools in Malappuram are Malabar Driving School, Safiya Motor Driving School, Indian Driving School, Good Luck Driving School, Friends Motor Driving School and KPP Driving School.

Voter ID in Malappuram

In Malappuram, a voter ID is issued by the Chief Electoral Officer. Due to the modernization, you can request for a voter ID card by filling an online registration form and submitting all the required details. The website for the e-registration of the voter ID is

Telecom Services in Malappuram

The telecom services are of much importance in today’s world where people mostly connect just through mobile phones or land line phones. Therefore, many major telecom service providers are providing their services in Malappuram, which acts as an advantage for everyone who can enjoy their best in class services. Some of the telecom service providers in Malappuram are Tata Tele Service Ltd, BSNL, Reliance and Airtel. The companies which provide internet and broadband services in Malappuram are Tata Docomo, Airtel and Reliance.

Electricity in Malappuram

The Kerala State Electricity Board is in-charge of distributing electricity in Kerala including Malappuram. The KSEB is an agency which is basically a public sector agency and the Department of Power has authority over it. The KSEB started functioning when the new government of Kerala was formed way back in 1957 and has since then lighted the homes of all the people in Kerala. Since 1958, 109.5 MW capacity has been installed. It became the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited in 2014. The KSEBL has many projects under them which include 23 hydroelectric projects, one wind farm and 2 diesel power plants. There are many offices of the KSEBL in Malappuram spread in different areas like Edapal, Tirur and Parappanagadi Road in Majeri.

Post Offices in Malappuram

Due to the growth of internet, sending letters through the Post Office is a thing of the past. Some of the work that the Post Offices are doing now is to send speed posts, parcel post and express post, etc. But still they are very much needed and will never go extinct, whatever the level of modernization. Some of the post offices in Malappuram are located in Vazhakad, Court road at ManjeriKla, Perintalmanna, Nilambur, Kottakkal, Edapal, Ponani, Tuwur, Trikkandiyur, Malappuram Civil Station, Kadampuzha, Parpanangadi, Edakkara, Kottilangadi, Kalpakancheri and Kondotti.

Florists in Malappuram

Flower Shop in Malappuram

The business of florists is booming day by day and that is why there are many florists in Malappuram like Flora India, Flower Land, Dhanalakshmi Flower Stall, Vijayalakshmi Flowers, Flower House Wholesale and Retail, Flower World, FTS Florist, Blooming Flowers and Apex Flora. These florists are located at different areas of Malappuram like Calicut Fort, Pandikkad Road and Near Bus Stand in Tirur. These florists also do home delivery. You can give them a specific date and time and they will deliver the flowers then. You can also order online and post the address online where you want to get them delivered.

Banks in Malappuram

Many private and government banks have been established in Malappuram. Some of the Banks along with their branches are given below.

ICICI Bank has its branches in Perintalmanna, Pan Bazaar in Tirur, ManjeriKla, and Near Bus Stand in Dow Hill.

HDFC Bank has its branches in Malappuram Ho, VP Tower in Edapal, Perintalmanna, Kottakkal, ManjeriKla, and Tirur.

State Bank of India has its branches in Ponani, Kottakkal, Nilambur, Edapal, Valancheri and Tirur.

Other Banks include the Federal Bank, Canara Bank, Dhanlakshmi Bank, State Bank of Travancore, Axis Bank, Bank of India, Syndicate Bank and Indusind Bank.

Property Dealers in Malappuram

Malappuram is one of the only two places in Kerala where there is negligible pollution. It is a very beautiful place with the marvelous hills and the serene streams. Therefore, buying a property here is a very good thing to do if you like peace and nature. Some of the property dealers in Malappuram are Pazheri Properties and Developers Pvt Ltd, Saleem Estate Agents, Speed Land Real Estate, PK Group Real Estate, Mars Group and Kerala Real Estate Services.

Courier Services in Malappuram

Courier Services are much preferred these days because of the express delivery that they offer. Packages can reach the desired destination these days within a day or two. Some of the Courier Companies in Malappuram are DTDC Courier and Cargo Services, Professional Couriers, Trackon Courier Pvt Ltd, Aramax Courier and Cargo, Speed and Safe Courier Service.

Packers and Movers in Malappuram

Packers and Movers companies help people shift from here to there and such companies in Malappuram are available very easily. The major companies in Malappuram are Kerala Road Lines Packers and Movers, AR Roadways, Kerala Express Cargo Lines pvt ltd, Welcome Transport Company and Sharma Packers and Movers.

Passport Offices in Malappuram

Passports are required to go out of the country. There are many people in Malappuram who wish to see the world and some people go to other countries for work. For their convenience, a passport office has been established in Malappuram. To further help you in getting your passport, some passport agents are also available who assist you in the paper work and other stuff. Most of them are travel agents and have their own travel agencies in the city.

Passport Office Malappuram,
Intercity Arcade,
Kizhakkethala, Malappuram Ho,
Kerala 676505.
Ph. No.: 0483 2739701, 0483 2739702, 0483 2739703, 0483 2739705.

Aadhar Card and Centers

An ‘Aadhar’ card is a unique identification number for the citizens of India issued by the Planning Commission of India. Some of the centers in Malappuram for Aadhar Card are located at various places like Ernad, Kottakal, Manimooli, Perintalmanna, Tirurangadi, Kalikav, Kuttipuram, Manjeri, Ponnani, Kondoty, Nilambur and Tirur.

Gas Connections in Malappuram

Gas is required in every household for the purpose of cooking. Not only households, but even the restaurants require gas cylinders. It is an essential item that nobody in this world can do without. Some of the gas agencies in Malappuram are HP, Bharat Gas, Indane Gas, Ram Gas, Vengara Gas, Prakash Gas, Spic Jyoti Gas and Surya Bharat Gas which are located in various areas like ManjeriKla, Malappuram Ho, Munduparmba, Kakkad, ParambilPeedika, Melattur, Areacode, Kizhisseri and Dhantoli.

Laundry Services in Malappuram

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services are required by people everywhere. Rachna Dress Cleaning is a laundry service in Malappuram which is located at Perintalmanna.

Mobile Service Centres in Malappuram

There are many mobile phone service centres in Malappuram like Telit Telecom, Boom Communication, Magnet Mobile Park, One Touch Communication, Cell Plaza, IT Marketing group, Hadi Communications, Fone 4 U and many more which are located in various areas of Malappuram like Tirur, Down Hill, Olukur, MajeriKla, Malappuram Ho, Mongam, Kottakal and Areacode.

Petrol Pumps in Malappuram

Though the prices for petrol and diesel are rising day and again, the need for the transport by cars and motorcycles still remains. Some petrol pumps in Malappuram are open 24 hours. The petrol pumps are located at ManjeriKla, Perintalmanna, Malappuram Ho, Valluvanbram, Kottakkal, Chelembra, Parpanangadi, Kuttipuram and Edapal.

Banquet Halls in Malappuram

Banquet Halls are much in demand not only for marriages, but also for small gatherings or get-togethers. Sometimes people just book a banquet hall to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. Some of the banquet halls in Malappuram are the Prestige Hut Garden Restaurant and Auditorium, Leelaj’s Malabar Plaza, Three Star Panthal Work, Viva Auditorium, Safiya Auditorium and Hotel City Palace Residency which are located at EdakkaraNilambur, ManjeriKla, Cheruvayur, Angadipuram, Thalakkadathur and Wandoor respectively.

Event Management Companies in Malappuram

Event Management Companies in Malappuram are a lot in demand these days as they take up the responsibility of doing all the work for the event, without you having to think about it even once. From catering to the venue, from lighting to the sound system, everything is taken care by these companies and so you don’t need to worry about anything for the event. Some of the Event Management Companies in Malappuram are Golden Green Events, My Gramin Event Management, Sagar Events and Catering, etc.

PGs and Hostels in Malappuram

Some of the PGs in Malappuram are Hotel Mughal Park and KPM residency. The Youth Hostel Association is a good option if somebody is looking out for a hostel in Malappuram.

Photography in Malappuram

Malappuram is an ideal place for photography. Being born and brought up in such a beautiful and serene environment, the kids and youngsters in Malappuram want to capture everything. Malappuram acts as a great inspiration for those who are into photography. The Light Magic School of Photography located at Marancheri is a good place to acquire some skills in photography. Some of the photography studios in Malappuram are Saffroin Photography Designing, Glance Digital Studio, Riyan Photography and Future Photography.

Pet Shops in Malappuram

Who doesn’t adore the small puppies and the kittens? And well, dogs are man’s best friends. Because of the people’s love for pets, there are several pet shops in Malappuram. Some of them are ‘Star Pet Center’ at Malappuram Civil Station, ‘Oscar Aquarium and Pet Animals’ in ManjeriKla, ‘Al Ameen’ at ManjeriKla, ‘Nidha Feeds’ at Kondotti and ‘Gold Fish and Pet Center’ at Areacode.

Libraries in Malappuram

There are libraries in Malappuram which are heavily stocked with books. Some of these books are very old and some of them are latest. The Libraries are managed by the Librarians who are also civil servants. The Libraries are open to general public. Some of the libraries in Malappuram are Pothujanavayanasala, Krishnana Nair SmarakVayanasala and Thunchan Memorial Research Center.

Currency Exchange Centres in Malappuram

Since Malappuram is a very attractive tourist destination, care has to be taken for their convenience to change their currency into the local Indian money and vice versa. Therefore, many foreign exchange centres have been established in Malappuram. Some of the Currency Exchange Centres in Malappuram are Malappuram Finance Ltd., UAE Exchange and Financial Services Ltd., Ahalia Money Exchange and BFC Forex & Financial Services pvt ltd.. Each one of them is located in various different parts of Malappuram.

Crèches and Day Care Centres in Malappuram

Some of the Day Care Centers in Malappuram are Kids Paradise and Mother Day Care & Play School, which are located at Malappuram Civil Station and Valancheri, respectively.

Catering Services in Malappuram

Some of the caterers in Malappuram are Royal Caters and Event, Top In Town, Sagar Events and Catering, Moulana Catering Service and many more.

Insurance in Malappuram

Insurances may include life insurance, health insurance, car or bike insurance etc.. There are many insurance companies and agents in Malappuram such as Reliance, Birla, LIC, HDFC, Bajaj Allianz and Vahana.

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