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Vasudevapuram Temple in Malappuram

Vasudevapuram Sri Krishna Temple of Tavanur is among the most sacred ‘Mahakshetram’ or haloed ground among Hindu devotees. This temple is one of three sacred temples situated on the southern banks of the Bharathapuzha, one of the several holy rivers of the area. The other two temples are the Maha Shiva temple and the Brahma temple.

Vasudevapuram Sri Krishna Temple at Tanavur in Malappuram

The story of Vasudevapuram Temple

The story of Vasudevapuram Temple denotes to the story of a devoted Brahmin called as the ‘Yathi Varyan’, known as Vilmangalam Swamiyar. He was devoted to Lord Krishna’s infant form. It is believed that Lord Krishna had appeared to him as a child and blessed him. When Vilimangalam Swamiyar woke from his trance he found this unique idol of child Sri Krishna made of black stone holding butter in both hands. Later Vilimangalam built the Sri Vasudevapuram Temple in Malappuram for the convenience of his mother as she was aged and unable to travel far.

In fact, till date the remnants of his house can still be seen proximal to the temple walls. Vilmangalam Swamiyar was much respected by the people because they believed he could actually ‘see’ Lord Krishna himself. They respected him a lot. He was given the title of Mahatma and was instrumental in the construction of many of the renowned temples of Kerala. These temples are located in Thiruvaarppu, Thiruvananthapuram, Cherathala as well as Kaarthiaayani.

It is believed largely that Mahatma Vihvamangalam Swamiyar died at a ripe old age. Yet the most remarkable aspect of his death was that nobody could find the body or his mortal remains once he would pass. The idol that he worshipped was transferred to the Temple and installed it there with the all the sacramental rituals.

The Vasudevapuram Sri Krishna Temple of Tavanur is run by a registered Trust.

The most unique feature of this temple is the presence of the south-faced Ganapathi idol carved on the outside of the Krishna Sreekoil. It is a fact that this feature is very rare in most Hindu temples of the country. It is also quite a unique feature to have Lord Shiva, Lord Ganapathi and the Sastha idols as sub deities of this Temple. The people of the region had installed the sub deities once the temple was ready.

Offerings at Vasudevapuram Temple in Malappuram

There are several significant offerings that are made to the presiding at the Vasudevapuram Sri Krishna Temple of Tavanur. Some of the special offerings are the daily everyday rituals that include pooja of various types like the Udayasthamana pooja, Vakacharthu Nivedya or bathing with Ghee and lighting of the ghee lamp.

There were also the Santhanagopala archana, the Vasudevarchana, the Vidyagopala archana, the Dhanwanthari archana - all these are specific forms of propitiation with specific offerings for the Lord.
Some of the significant pooja and offerings are the Thrikala Pooja, the Ada for Naradar and also the Neeranjanam for Ayyappa.

It is believed that the child form of Sri Krishna especially blesses children with a life that is healthy disease free as well as long life besides also granting several boons related to their educational advancement.

Some of the offerings have to be prepared a few days in advance. Therefore, it is necessary to book for these poojas to be conducted at the temple well in time so that the necessary preparations can be done accordingly.

Festivals at Vasudevapuram Temple in Malappuram

There are some significant festivals of the temple that are observed at periodic intervals on specific times pre-ordained by the management.

The Ashtami Rohini festival is held every year in August-September or the month of Chingam when the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with the greatest pomp and gaiety. There is also the celebration of the revered the Guru Pooja. The festivities are marked by the devotees taking out processions, holding cultural programmes and even organizing special elaborate feasts in honor of the Lord.

The Niraputhari or the new rice festival takes place in the month of Chingam. The festival is also linked with the harvest season. This is in accordance with the principles of Sanatan Dharma where all food items are dedicated to the Lord before they are used personally. The Puthari Payasam or rice and milk pudding made with the new rice is offered to the Lord to seek his special blessing and sustained benevolence.

The Kuchela Dinam is considered the first Wednesday of December or Dhanu. Belief has it that an ardent devotee, Kuchela, had offered parched rich or ‘Avil’ to Lord Krishna. The Lord in turn blessed him with eternal bliss and prosperity. Therefore, this day is commemorated with the offering of ‘Avil’ at the temple by all the devotees.

How to Reach Vasudevapuram Temple in Malappuram

The way to reach is by air, rail and road. The nearest airport is at Kozhikode where the distance is just about twenty five kilometers away. By train the temple can be reached by the route from Ponnani to Tavanur and finally to Kuttipuram which is just about seven kilometers away. The station is within the Kerala Agricultural University Campus.

By road: It is just about thirty kilometers through Kuttipuram going along the Ponnani and Tavanur route. There is a well established government and private buses plying on these well laid-out roads.

Address: Sri Vasudevapuram Kshethra Samrakshana Trust, Tanavur. P.O., Malappuram District, Kerala - 679573
Contact no: +91 - 9895694935
Email id: vasudevapuramonline@gmail.com

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