Malappuram Tourism

Malappuram, literally meaning ‘a place atop the hills’, is truly a proof of Kerala being “God’s own Country”. Not only is this magnificent city known for its vast and diversified wildlife collection but also for its cultural appeal. It has a hilly terrain, with a forest cover and some small rivers flowing down the west. There are a number of temples and mosques in Malappuram enhancing the cultural beauty of the region.

Malappuram Tourism

Malappuram has a very important historical significance. It dates back to the time of British-India when Malappuram and its people carried out a very strong protest against Britishers. It was one of the major centres of rebellion, known as “Mappila Lahala”.

One will love to spend some days in Malappuram in order to explore and enjoy the city to the fullest.

Here are some places that tourists would love to visit in Malappuram:
  1. Manjeri: This place has a historical significance of its own. During British-India Manjeri was an important centre of the National Movement. Now it is also a hub for some district offices: the District Medical Office, PWD Roads Division and many more.
  2. Kottakkal: It is a world-famous place and popularly known as the centre of ayurveda. People come from all over the world to visit the world famous “Arya Vaidya Sala”, established by P.S Warrier, a well-known physician and a social reformer. People come from different parts of the world to get a proper ayurvedic treatment in Kottakkal. There is one and only Ayurvedic Mental Hospital in all over the India which is run by the Kerala Government.
  3. Tirur near Malappuram: This is the birthplace of an eminent Malayalam poet named Thunjuath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, popularly known as the “Father of Malayalam literature”. In Tirur, December’s last week is very special because at that time the great poet is honoured at Thunjan Paramba where a week-long literary mela is organized.
  4. Nilambur near Malappuram: People love to see tea gardens and tea plantations. But Nilambur is a forest, of a different kind. It is famous for its teak plantation. It is the oldest teak plantation of the world and was named in the memory of H.V Conolly ( the then Malabar District collector).
  5. Teak trees are famous for its durability and water resistance. Tourists can also go for boating along the river Chaliyar at Aruvakode, which is just beside the forest.
  6. Teak Museum: Are you a museum lover? Well, then Teak Museum will be the best place to visit. It is world’s first Teak Museum and also a centre of Kerala Forest Research Institute. One can gain a detailed knowledge of Teak and all its aspects just by visiting this museum.
For tourists, especially for photographers there is another more very beautiful place named Padinharakara, where one will be able to see migratory birds, gathering in thousands during the month of February to April.

So, overall it will be a rejuvenating and an overwhelming journey for tourists to visit Malappuram.

Best Time to Visit Malappuram

It will be comfortable for tourists to visit Malappuram between September to March. At this time the temperature would be pleasant and the tourists can witness the real diversity of nature.
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